Case Study

Verify and secure your work credentials through the blockchain.

Branding / Product Design / Blockchain Development
One Hundred Percent (OHP) is a platform backed by Blockchain technology, that will allow job seekers to obtain and store pre-verified professional credentials.

OHP is a multi-functional application that utilizes Blockchain Technology to verify and ensure the integrity of it’s members credentials allowing employers complete confidence in their reliance on the data supplied by a candidate.  The OHP platform uses Blockchain technology to ensure the truthfulness of the information provided on a resume which will ultimately lead to a substantial saving in talent acquisition costs by hiring entities and speed to market for candidates.


Develop a Career/Professional Credential Management platform that will allow users to properly manage their job seeking experience, verify their work history, educational history, and professional certifications.

By utilizing Blockchain Technology, the verified credentials being displayed on a user’s profile can be trusted ultimately leading for legitimate candidates to separate themselves from illegitimate ones.


With an intense understanding of our core users, we set out to define a new verbal and visual system that would allow the OHP team to communicate with clarity and style.

In conjunction with the brand system work, we designed a comprehensive digital experience that delivered on the promise of clarity, security and truth. We developed an agile process that allowed us to develop the brand system while creating user flows and prototypes to rapidly define the right user experiences for a diverse set of users.


The process we defined early on allowed us to make decisions both on the brand as well as the product levels efficiently, resulting in a quicker time to market.

Our team developed a multi-functional, consumer facing application utilizing Blockchain Technology, married to a seamless user experience and brand that makes the technology layer disappear and offer real value to our user groups.

Best in breed design systems were created, allowing for a true responsive experience across multiple devices, while utilizing the power of the blockchain network.

Employer, and employee meet the power of the Blockchain. With OHP you are now able to guarantee your employment history within a few click and employers no longer have the hassle and expense of an extensive verification processes.