To Transform Customer Experience, We Must Transform Product Innovation With Circularity In Mind

Every product is designed to do a job. Crafted to solve a specific customer pain point or fill a gap in the market. Our culture of ‘take-make-waste’ sees companies manufacture products from raw materials, with consumers buying and using the product, then disposing of it when it becomes redundant. This cycle can and must be broken.

Global material shortages, coupled with increasing pressure from governments and consumers to adopt sustainable business practices, are pushing manufacturers to think differently. Many are moving to a circular mindset, less focused on consumption of precious, finite resources, and more willing to design out waste and reuse materials to prolong a product’s typical lifecycle.

If we put circularity and sustainability front and centre, we can achieve revolutionary product innovation and take customer experience to the next level. When solving a particular customer problem remains a given, the sweet spot is in providing other tangible benefits that add value.