Case Study

Using blockchain to create frictionless borders for the post-Brexit world.

Blockchain Development
Using intelligent electronic seals, blockchain ledger, GPS tracking & secure facial recognition, Elandbridge is a proven solution for creating frictionless borders.

Elandbridge TruckPass is the only solution which fully meets government, customs and security needs of the regulators and all the compliance needs of the haulage industry. It ensures supply chain integrity and can also be used for fleet management.


Brexit has unleashed multiple challenges to the movement of goods back and forth from the UK to the EU. Particularly in Northern Ireland, a border now exists as a result of Brexit that did not exist for the last 30 years. How to track the movement, Tarif, and insurance of goods in real time crossing virtual borders while making it easier than ever to enable faster and seamless transactions?

• Antiquated thought process and hardware for tracking goods that in some cases is 50 years old
• No centralized or standardized data
• Different, and in some cases, vastly different rules and regulations pertaining to goods transportation
• No existing infrastructure to manage data
• Governments that are in siege mode and in need of a solution that is built from the bottom up
• Confusion regarding regulation, tarif and duty collection
• Added concerns regarding human and weapons trafficking
• Increased insurance requirements and concerns


Arc architects and supply chain personnel were brought in to assess the situation. This included documenting the current processes and abstracting the problem in a language and level that can be understood by all participants in the market.

Next, the solution was ideated and clearly indicated a great use case for blockchain distributed ledger technology applied to a hardware device.

Arc engineers designed the device to manage the goods in a truck and branded it as a “mobile bonded warehouse”. Proviniti software developers built all the appropriate interfaces and connections to ensure that the entire solution worked perfectly at every touch point on the supply chain.

Arc personnel then tested the solution for weeks to ensure it worked perfectly and tweaked and improved the product as a result of this activity leading to a formal product.


Blockchain Enabled/Co-Hardware Sol: Arc’s team engineered the hardware and software solution, with embedded blockchain and IOT solutions that manages the load using a specially designed device to “seal” the truck creating a “mobile bonded warehouse” that is fully managed using a blockchain distributed ledger (DLT)

Integrated Tarif: Arc’s data engineers designed a data environment that abstracts the multiple tarif systems on the supply chain and normalizes it for management on the blockchain DLT.

Single Source of the Truth: Arc’s team of supply chain engineers, business analysts, architects, and developers also created a repository for all non-critical data that allows for all of the interested and entitled parties to utilize the data sets created in the shipping process to further optimize the shipping and supply chain process.

Automated Dashboards and Reports: Levering r3 Corda and Domo, Arc engineers built multiple cloud based dashboards utilizing Domo cloud reporting.


Electronic Seal


Biometric recognition

A unique reference number is recorded on blockchain for each use, linking the seal to the consignment. A SIM card in the seal communicates directly with the blockchain, recording each event (opening/ closing/ unauthorized entry), detailing an authorized individual’s reference number for each interaction. The seal uses GPS to record the movement/journey of the consignment

“Elandbridge was built utilizing the extremely powerful blockchain technologies that were introduced and architected by Proviniti. Proviniti has proven time and time again that they can solve complex Blockchain ledger management problems with design elegance and precise delivery”

– General Charles LeGallis, CEO Elandbridge